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Shri Chamunda Manatji Temple and Hill are very ancient. According to Daivi Bhagwat, Devi Parvati has executed Devils Chand and Mund so Chand Mund Executor, Chamunda.

On the chotila hill there was a small room years ago, There was no stairs to climb the hill still people from different areas come to take blessing of Chamunda Mataji. Approximately 155 years ago (Vikram Sanvat 1910 to 1915) Mahant Shri Gosai Gulabgiri Harigiri Bapu was doing pooja of Mataji and also taking care of development of temple. Today his family members are taking care of Mandir and also providing services to the visiting devotees.

Shri Chamunda Mataji Gohil Darbar, Solanki, Dodia, Parmar etc. of Junagadh Rajputs, Chotila Area Khachar-Khumar, Kathi Darbars, Parjiya Soni, Darji, Panchal, Uttar Gujarat Thakor, Kutch Rabari Community, Diu-Somnath-Veraval area Kharwa Community, And other Community pray Chamunda Mataji as Family Goddess.

Shri Chamunda Mataju Dungar has 635 stairs, where up and down stairs are different. Every 100 stairs there is a drinking water facility where cold water through cooling system is provided. There is a shade and fan on stairs till temple so devotees can easily climb the stairs in any season.

Here Shri Chamunda Mataji Temple there is a facility for Bhojnalay, Atithi Bhavan and beautiful garden with Free Parking Facility is being provided by Shri Chamunda Mataji Dungar Trust and Mahant Shri Gulabgiri Bapu Family. Every year Asho Mash Eighth Navratri Night Navchandi Yagna has been done by Mahant Family, and there is a distribution of Yagna Prasadi in Dining Hall. There is a rush of people on Karatak Month to Labh Pacham. Also people come on every poonam, Seventh and Eighth day of Shrawan Month, there is rush of people on sunday too.

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